Silverdoo Publisher V1.0

Silverdoo Publisher is now available. Silverdoo allows you to build stunning Silverlight page flip books for both online and offline use in minutes. You don’t need any additional software. Import your MS Office Document, configure book look & feel and publish. This is the best way to create digital (electronic) editions such as any type of publications, magazines, brochures and catalogs. Silverdoo Publisher is a Windows desktop application (full Silverlight) that helps you to produce remarkable online and offline digital editions, magazines, brochures with page turning effect. No coding is required. Simply import your MS Office Document, configure the look & feel and hit the publish button. Enjoy the real page turning effect.

Potential targets

toTutorials, Manuals, Handbooks
toMagazines, E-Books, Brochures
toPicture Books and Photo Albums
toFlyer, Scrap Books and Reports
toMenus and Sales Offers
toAnd much more!

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Key Features

okMS Office to Silverlight converting with included Silverlight ready-to-use viewer
okWeb ready export
okFull screen, windowed and compact player support
okZoom, for perfect reading with mouse scrolling support
okPaging controls with forward, back, first, last
okDownload, Print, Fullscreen and Pageoverview controls
okThumbnail views of pages
okPublishing with one Button-Click for online & offline use
okImproved Windows 7 support

Working Demo

View this Silverdoo Publisher working Demo to see how easy is to make your Silverdoo Book in a few steps.

Silverdoo Publisher is really simple and straightforward. You work within a single window. You can importing any MS Office Documents and live preview for configuring your book. Silverdoo Publisher allows you to create new Silverdoo-Books and modify existing ones by importing various MS Office Documents. You can publish a single Silverdoo-Book for both online and offline use. Download Trial

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Currently available only for Windows 7, Vista and XP.


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Silverdoo Publisher

  • don’t have limitations of Trial Version
  • no watermark and copyright link
  • Requirements

    Currently available only for Windows 7, Vista and XP.

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Silverdoo Publisher has received Awards from well-known Download and Shareware sites including Five Star and Editor’s Choice Awards.
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